About Us

SA Plastics can assist with your blow moulding, injection moulding development and manufacturing needs. Most of our products are manufactured in Western Australia by our sister company Plasmo and then warehoused and distributed in South Australia.

We provide a comprehensive range of plastic cubes, drums, jerry cans, bottles and accessories suitable for various applications within the agricultural, chemical, industrial and food industries.

Manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), our products are available in various colours. Natural, white and black are standard, and other colours can be made to order.

For new product development requirements we can offer a cost-effective in-house solution from design and toolmaking through to production.

Our products are sold in pallet lots and priced FIS factory direct for large volumes, taking advantage of the cheap backloading rates from Western Australia. Smaller volumes can be supplied by our distributors in South Australia.

For more detailed information or a quotation please contact us.

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